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Language immersions with families and English camps

English has become a fundamental key in young people’s education. But learning a foreign language can be a long process that depends on the students’ motivation. Often, theory classes aren’t enough because they don’t always offer the chance to practise with native speakers. That’s why, the best way is to mix theory lessons with stays abroad, to be able to put un practise what they have learnt in real life situations. We have designed our summer programmes to include a dynamic way of learning and fun.

Doing a SUMMER PROGRAMME IN IRELAND is the best way to take your first step in learning english.

Learn English in Ireland

Summer stays in Ireland

In our summer camps programme, there is constant supervision and personalized. These
camps are especially designed for those children who are leaving home for the first time and
their young age needs to be looked after through solid organization and coordination.

Immersion in a family

The family immersion programme is designed for independent students that want to make most of a complete period of total immersion in English. During their stay in Ireland, the students will be looked after by a local coordinator. This person will make sure that they are okay and will have close contact with the host family. Always close by if any problems come up.

Investment in their future

These programmes in Ireland are an investment in their future. We firmly believe that our programmes don’t only better their English skills, but also contribute in other areas like autonomy and trust in themselves.
Ireland is a great destination for various reasons: the beautiful landscape, picture-perfect villages, culture, warmth of the locals and the family life of the Irish will make this a great experience.

Host Family

Our main objective is to guarantee the welfare of each student, we dedicate a lot of time and attention on choosing the right host families for our students. The first step when we are choosing families is to look at their hospitality and closeness. Families cover the cost of maintenance and personal care of the student, but they also integrate the student like another member of the family. For each student we pick out the most appropriate family, we prioritize those who have children around the same age, so they can make the most of their time doing activities like sports, going to the cinema or any other cultural or social activity.

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