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Culture exchange

Here in AMT, we encourage a European culture exchange, especially in the training and education sector. Over the years, we have worked with both public and private institutions in Europe. Since 2003, we have coordinated a number of programmes with excellent results.

Mobility in Seville

Here in AMT, we coordinate mobility programmes in Seville with the objective of helping your acquire linguistic skills here in our city that will enhance your CV.


On a personal level, we want you to be able to integrate completely and immerse yourself in a new culture. What makes us stand out from the rest is how we design our programmes to each individual level, based on your necessities and expectations, doesn’t matter if you are a student or working.


AMT offers an advisory service for those organisms, public or private, that want to send participants to other European countries for a linguistic training or professional work training. AMT participates in international projects in different sectors: education, culture, investigation, etc.

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