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We all know that in an increasingly globalized world the command of several languages, and in particular English, constitutes a fundamental pillar in the education of our children. More and more parents are deciding to send their children to Ireland to complete a school term, be it a term or a full year, and thus improve their English. At AMT we coordinate this type of program and we are obtaining excellent results.

The programs in Ireland are an investment in their future, not only because young people learn English naturally but because we give them the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience thanks to which they mature and expand their horizons. We firmly believe that our programs in Ireland not only significantly enhance the learning of English, but also contribute to the development of other skills such as autonomy, independence and self-confidence.

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School periods in Ireland

Ireland is an ideal destination for many reasons: the beauty of its landscapes, its picturesque villages, its rich culture, the friendliness of the people, and the familiar character of the Irish make this experience a success. Thanks to this total immersion program young people get to know the Irish way of life and culture in depth.

Irish education system

The Irish education system is generally quite affordable for Spanish students. The school period they do in Ireland is recognized as part of the student’s curriculum. The schools where students take the course are recognized institutions, have excellent facilities and offer sports activities.
Another attraction is sharing the classrooms not only with Irish students but also with young people of other nationalities. We also select schools according to the preferences of the students or their specific needs. In order to guarantee the best selection process, we recommend that you reserve the course as far in advance as possible.
There is also the possibility of completing the program in a boarding school. In this case, the students stay in schools that are regulated as such. Boarding schools are known to enjoy great prestige and tradition in the Irish educational system.

Local Coordinator

Our local coordinator remains in constant contact with the teachers and with the management of the centers so he continuously monitors the students and their academic results. The continuous presence of the local coordinator is one more advantage of our programs. Our coordinators offer a close, friendly and personalized treatment. The Coordinator solves daily questions and, in the event of any problem, finds the best solution for the benefit of the student. As an additional measure, AMT offers parents and students an emergency telephone number available 24 hours a day. At AMT we take care of managing all the administrative and logistical aspects of the program: the necessary documentation for school enrollment, books, uniform, accommodation and meals, airport transfers, we obtain periodic reports, and we manage the travel assistance and civil liability insurance.

Host family

On the other hand, as our first objective is to guarantee the well-being of each student, we dedicate a lot of time and attention to the choice of the families that host our students. The first selection requirement is hospitality. The families take care of the maintenance and personal care of each student but also integrate them into their daily lives as one more member. For each student, the most suitable family is chosen, prioritizing those families that have children of the same age so that they can also enjoy their free time to the maximum to practice sports, go to the movies, or enjoy other social or cultural activities. In addition, the local coordinator regularly supervises the families who collaborate in our programs and maintains a close relationship with them.

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