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AMT our mission is to unite our students through education, languages and cultural exchanges, it doesn’t matter their ages, nationalities, or origins. We work hard to create a brilliant future.

Raquel Pineda Fernández-Salguero responsable del programa en España

Raquel Pineda Fernández-Salguero

Spain programme responsible

Araceli Gordillo Alcalá Gerente de programa en el extranjero

Araceli Gordillo Alcalá

Ireland programmes responsible

Sofía Ramón profesora de español

Sofía Ramón Noguera

English teacher

Noel Hull profesor de inglés

Noel Hull

English teacher

María Pérez de Guzmán Conradi gerente de contabilidad

María Pérez de Guzmán Conradi

Accounting manager

Jamie profesor de inglés


English teacher