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Here at AM Transnational, we offer a variety of courses, so you can choose depending on your personal needs.

Here in our academy, we offer classes Monday through Thursday during the afternoon, from 16:00 to 21:00. For our annual classes, you will receive 2 classes a week for an hour each class. Attention: Class times will depend on your level.
There is no sign up fee, just the payment for the first and last month and the price for the month is €60.

On the other hand, we offer intensive courses, a total of 60 hours in a shorter time period for the price of €390.

Why should you choose us?

We give you 5 reasons why we are the best option for your English learning in Seville.

Certified materials

Interactive classes

Courses designed for all levels

85% of our students pass the Cambridge exam

We will help you achieve your objectives

Who are our annual courses designed for?

For young learners

We offer classes for children as young as 3 years old. These courses are interactive and modelled in a way that creates enthusiasm for learning. Learning through communication, interactive games, Cambridge certified materials and native teachers with years of experience, not only teaching but also working with children. With our methodology, learning and fun are guaranteed. For our young learners, will base our teaching on learning while playing, learning while doing, but most importantly, learning while having fun!

For university students and those looking to take the official Cambridge Exam

Our courses for university students are designed so that students are able to achieve the level required for their university diploma. AM Transnational wants to help you achieve this with accessible courses, do not worry about your level!

For older learners

AMT offers classes to everyone, including adults and older learners who want to better their English skills. This can be for people who want to improve their communication skills, for those who are just interested in the language or for any other reason. It’s never to late to start learning a new language!
Classes adapt to you, your necessities and wishes.

Are you interested in other courses we offer?

1 to 1 classes

1 to 1 classes consists of, as the name says, classes individual with a native teacher. These classes are great to improve communication skills and feeling more confident when speaking English. If you desire to improve your communication skills, this is the best way of doing so!

Why choose Cambridge English?

What is Cambridge English?

AM Transnational is an accredited Cambridge centre, this means that material used in class are certified, and also we follow Cambridge guidelines. Before starting, those who are interested must do a level exam to see what level they are at, so we are able to adapt to their needs and give the best tools, so the person can reach their goals.

Why should you choose Cambridge English?

Cambridge English is a highly recognized language certification. Many businesses in Spain and all over the world trust this certification and according to The Times, 99% of the best universities worldwide trust Cambridge certification. So, for job opportunities, education opportunities or for student grants, everything will be easier with a Cambridge certification. One important fact is that, unlike other language certificates, Cambridge is valid forever.

Exam dates:


How are the exams?

The exam model varies depending on the level, the exams are based on the CEFR, from level A1 up until C2. The level may vary but in each level the following skills are evaluated: Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening. A complete evaluation!

What can Cambridge do for you?


Having this certification you will be able to achieve visas for English speaking countries. Not only will it help you to have a better quality of life but in many countries it is necessary to have a certain level of English to be able to get a work or study visa.

Personal development

Leaning a new language is much more than just trying to enter a university or achieving a new job. Learning a new language gives you the possibility to meet new people, a new culture and a new way of thinking. English is the native language for 400 million people and is the official language in over 53 countries. Just imagine the linguistic possibilities learning this language!

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