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Spanish language classes are offered in different formats: in a group setting or individual. How many classes and difficulty adapt to your level of the language, your availability, and objectives. Within our availability, we will adapt to your needs to satisfy your necessities.

Why should you choose us?

We give you 4 reasons why we are the best option for your Spanish learning in Seville.

Personalized classes

Interactive classes

Our methodology is based on the competences from the CEFR

With us, you will achieve all of your objectives

What courses do we offer?

We offer a variety of courses for all necessities, choose the one most suited to your personal needs

Are you in Spain as an Erasmus student?

Your time here as an Erasmus student will probably be an important time in your life, and we want you to be able to make the most of your time here. AMT offers Spanish classes, your level is not a problem, we want to help you improve and help you to be able to communicate with the natives. The academy is located near university campuses, so you will have easy access.

Are you a foreigner living in Spain?

Are you living in Spain? Do you need help improving your Spanish? Here in AMT we can help you with that. We offer classes to help with your new life here in Spain, improve your language skills, help, so it is easier to find a job or just because you want to improve your communication skills, so you can communicate better with locals.

Important: For foreigners who are living and studying in Spain, in a Spanish university and who also have English as their first language, you will need a second language certificate to complete university. It is possible to do the B1 or B2 DELE exam to finalize your diploma.

Are you in Spain for vacation?

Are you here for a short time in Spain? If so, with us you can make the most of your time here. Learning the language helps you to become part of Spanish culture. Knowing the language can open many doors while you are here.

Are you retired living in Spain?

Are you an Expat living in Spain? If so, and if you are having problems with communicating on a daily basis or just because you want to have more confidence speaking the language we will help you in your learning journey. We offer classes adapted to your level and needs.

Don’t panic, with us, you will pass your exams!

How are the DELE exams?

DELE is a language exam that allows you to certify your Spanish level. It is an official exam with certification available in a variety of levels and it follows the CEFR. You will need an official title or certificate to be able to attain Spanish nationality or to be able to go to a Spanish university or in Latin America. Also, this certificate will help you in the job market since with DELE it is guaranteed that you will achieve high linguistic skills.

Exam dates:

General information about the exam:

In general, the areas being evaluated in these exams are: reading comprehension, listening skills, grammar and writing ability and speaking and communicating skills. The difficulty will increase with each level.

Do you feel Spanish?

Nationality exam

There are different ways of obtaining Spanish nationality.

For those people who did NOT go to school in Spain, you will need a A2 level for the nationality exam. Here in AMT we can help, one, obtain a A2 level to be able to do the exam, and two, prepare for the nationality exam. The nationality exam consists of 25 questions about a variety of topics, such as, the government, culture, history, general information, etc.

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